Word from the President

At an age where we must " do more with less " we have chosen to come up with promising solutions for the future. Not only for the development of our firm, but what's more keeping in perspective the quality of our work by combining both savings and performance.


These choices, as you will notice when you will tour our site, deal principally with the recycling methods of pavement and of roads with a cold technology, without heating the reclaimed materials. We have invested significantly into the latest equipment as well as research and development, in order to enhance this " renewable " resource that represents our present network of aged roadways.


Furthermore, the techniques of cold surfacing just as microsfacing and other diverse combinations of coating products , allows for interventions in preventive maintenance on our roadways that is not only outstanding but at a cost that is very competitive.


We have the pride and the feeling, at Talon Sebeq, that we are actively contributing to the creation, in the field of road works, of new ways of working with the uttermost respect for the environment; we can recycle the primary products of roads, our procedures are clean, less energy costly and therefore reduce fossil combustion.


Explore our site and... enjoy the smooth ride!


Claude Blais ing.
Président de Talon Sebeq